Old Dog’s Records making plans to open its offices and new recording studio in Nashville, TN.

Hollywood Logan
Hollywood Logan, signs with Old Dog’s Records.


Jeff Todd
Jeff Todd
Album Cover for Big John Jordan
Album Cover for Big John Jordan, Big John Jordan signs with Old Dog’s Records.



Melodie Rooker & Mississippi Swamp Boys.

Company News;

Old Dog’s Records Inc is happy to announce it will be moving to Nashville in Late March / Early April. We are also happy to let you know both of our country artist and relocating to Nashville, TN.

New albums coming in early 2016 include, Hollywood Logan, the Legendary Drifter, Big John Jordan the pure breed Mississippi Bluesman, Melodie Rooker & the Mississippi Swamp Boys plus a brand new Album from the Jeff Todd Band featuring the smash hit by Bob Dylan Wagon Wheel


Old Dog’s Records Inc has moved to Ashland City, TN.

Old Dog’s welcomes Ladies of the Blues, Jessica Spears. Other new artist will be signed in 2016.



About Us


Old Dog’s Records is owned by Jeff Todd & Lisa D Mayer
Jeff started the company in 2004 as JTB Management & Promotions with Lisa and in 2012 the company’s name changed to                        “Old Dog’s Records Inc.”  and was incorporated in Georgia but is now relocated to the Nashville, TN area.
Jeff is commonly called the All American Bad Ass  of the Blues World but is also highly regarded as one of the top blues promoters and
managers in the world.
JT is also an artist himself and has over 40 songs to his name, 10 years of road touring and 5 events to his name.
Bo Diddley was the one who got JT in the music business.
It was Bo’s daughter Tammie Diddley who was Jeff’s 1st client.
Brian Kinsey of Dylan Mathews & The Flips
was also the 1st client Jeff represented to the Big 7 record labels.


Lisa comes from a business background
Lisa is initially from Chappaqua NY but now lives in Farmingdale LI NY
Her love of music & business has made this company thrive.


Jeff Todd & Lisa D Mayer have worked hard the past 6 years building the company name and now work on having the strongest lineup of today’s artists in the world